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MPM accepts new students from kindergarten to 6th grade, depending upon their Diagnostic Exam for Placement (DEP). Though MPM materials are designed up to the 6th grade level, the ideal entry level is 5-8 years old. Minimum age is based upon the student's writing skills.
Before joining MPM, all prospective Instructors must attend a formal presentation by MPM. The inquiring person should set up an appointment at an MPM office for further detailed information.
The four steps to joining MPM are Introduction, Placement, Registration, and Schedule.
All parents interested in enrolling their children in the MPM math program must attend a group or individual presentation by an MPM Instructor.
MPM has been promoting its math program since 1989 when it established. MPM has more than one hundred thousand students all over the world. MPM is a well-sequenced math program designed around the concepts of Multi-Process and Multi-Model mathematics for K to 6 grade students. It helps students to develop their skills in problem solving and independent logical thinking.

It optimizes each student's learning ability with minimal guidance from the instructor. Students work with Multi-Process Model to solve problems in Algebra, Geometry, and various areas of math. By using the specially designed manipulative tools, students learn math with fun and they understand the concept without pressure. Furthermore, they will know how to apply what they learn in their real life.